Home Envy

Have you ever had Home Envy?  You know, that feeling you get when you have gone over to a friend’s house for the first time and their home is much larger than yours. They have all the new gadgets and sleek new kitchen and you start to feel that green little monster come out in you.Picture1

Don’t worry, you are not the only one feeling this way.  In a survey conducted by a bathroom retailer QS Supplies of 1,000 people, 56% of them admitted to being jealous of other people’s homes. If it was to be broken down by generation, Millennials take the green envy lead with 60.8%.  Gen Xers follow close behind with 53.8%, then baby boomers coming in last with 37.9%. If you were to break it down by gender, it seems the ladies have much more home envy than men. Women ranked 65% whereas men ranked at 45.8%.Picture2

Having Home Envy has prompted some homeowners to tackle home improvement projects such as upgrades for kitchens, interior design, furnishings and interior painting. Most of this  jealousy comes from friends and family.  In fact, 35.2% of respondents made home upgrades due to envy.  Many of the respondents also noted they were swayed by influencers.  This gives credence as to why so many brands are willing to pay influencers to represent their products.


Platforms  Showing Home EnvyPicture3

Home Features Evoking The Most Home Envy

It seems the bigger the better when it comes to the size of the house, as this feature evoked the most Home Envy. Coming in at a close second was a good-looking kitchen.


Handling the Green Little Monster

There are certain ways of handling jealousy better than others.  The data shows that some respondents that felt this envy and were not satisfied with their own home went as far as moving houses entirely.  Others were able to take the envy and turn it into inspiration. After experiencing Home Envy, 24% of respondents attended an open house for design inspiration. With this being said, Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms for finding design inspiration.Picture5

Source:  https://www.qssupplies.co.uk/home-envy